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TVI2306A RK3188 OMDS
TVI2306A RK3188 OMDS
TVI2306A, OMDS architecture mainboard, uses Rockchip quad-core, wide temperature, low-power chip set...
TVI2317A RK3399 SMARC2.0
TVI2317A RK3399 SMARC2.0
TVI2317A is our hot-sale SMARC 2.0 Computer-on-Module based on the 64-bit Rockchip 3399 multi-core A...
TVI2320A All-in-one Soundbar
TVI2320A All-in-one Soundbar
TVI2320A is a highly integrated all-in-one soundbar, known for its UHD camera, advanced voice Proces...
TVE1015D Industrial Tablet
TVE1015D Industrial Tablet
TVE1015D is a functional 10.1” rugged tablet, known for its unique external interface design, with i...

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